A2B Crushing & Screening offers standard polyurethane skirting, surpassing typical rubber in wear resistance with 3-4 times longer wear life in similar applications. It is versatile, suitable for single direction or reversing belts, wet or dry conditions, old or new belts, and vulcanized or mechanically spliced systems. Made from premium-grade polyurethane compound, it exhibits excellent resistance to cutting, impact, and abrasion.

Our polyurethane capping, designed to cover vibrating screen stringer bars, ensures high abrasion resistance and smooth glide characteristics. Built to withstand harsh mining environments, it comes in round and flat tops to suit various stringer bars.

For optimal screen cloth life, A2B recommends stringer bar capping in rubber or polyurethane. We supply capping to fit various stringer rail widths, including: 

  • 10mm
  • 12mm
  • 15mm
  • 16mm
  • 18mm

For special sizes or requirements, our friendly team is always available to assist. Choose A2B for premium-quality skirting and capping solutions to enhance your screening performance.

Here at A2B Crushing & Screening...
"We Keep You Going"

Here at A2B Crushing & Screening... "We Keep You Going"

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