A2B Crushing & Screening offers an extensive assortment of Rubber Components, encompassing V-Belts/Drive-Belts designed for power units, Foam Materials, Crusher Boxes, Impact Bars, as well as Skirting and Capping Rubber suitable for various conveyor and screening requirements.

wiper discs:

Our high-quality wiper discs effectively clean and shield your rods, ensuring optimal performance while providing a reliable barrier against dust and mud. Crafted from durable polyurethane, these discs exhibit exceptional wear resistance, surpassing rubber alternatives in most environments. While we offer two standard sizes, our team is fully capable of tailoring the discs to your precise specifications.

To complement our wiper discs, we offer a purpose-built housing unit designed to accommodate both a wiper disc and deflector cone, or solely a wiper disc, depending on your drill configuration. By minimizing the transmission of dust through the deck, our solution not only creates a more pleasant working environment for drillers but also extends the lifespan of numerous moving parts situated above the deck.

Additionally, we boast an extensive selection of deck seals, all of which can be customized to perfectly suit your unique requirements and prevailing conditions.

Here at A2B Crushing & Screening...
"We Keep You Going"

Here at A2B Crushing & Screening... "We Keep You Going"

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